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Virtus Tours & Travels has developed associations with well known healthcare providers around the world. We have also established excellent telemedicine network with these medical centers. Renowned healthcare professionals of these medical centers with years of experience in their respective area of specialization are available at your service.

Our Provider Medical Centers are located in various countries like USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. This enables us to serve you round the clock.

What is Second Opinion?

Second Opinion is a path-breaking medical reality that helps people with life threatening or life altering health conditions. You will now be able to source and receive medical second opinion on your primary diagnosis from seasoned experts of renowned medical centers around the world.

How Do We Serve You?

We will send your Medical Records and other relevant details to our provider medical centers located in various destinations, as per your choice. Experts of these medical centers examine the Medical Records and send their opinion and comments to us. Our consultants will evaluate their opinion and give a comprehensive feedback to you.

As a next step, we coordinate a teleconference between you and the doctor. On the basis of the comprehensive feedback of evaluation of medical records and communication with the doctor, you can make the right decision. This may sometimes even avoid traveling abroad for getting the treatment.

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